Train The Trainer (T3) Program

Become an IIEC Accredited Trainer and Build Your Training Business!

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The Train The Trainer (T3) program is a great opportunity to make money while you teach and network with other professionals in your industry. You will get prepared to provide to train your colleagues in your company, provide your training as a training company, or as an independent trainer.

Our T3 program is based in our Certified Expert program, which is a program that it is taken after completing our Certified Professional certification where you have proved that you have earned the skills as an industry’s topic Subject Matter Expert (SME).

The key of our Train The Trainer approach is that you already have experience in your industry (whatever it is), and now you have acquired new knowledge by taking your Professional and Expert Certifications. Therefore, you are ready to move one step further and become an IIEC Accredited Trainer!

With the T3 program you will become an IIEC Accredited Trainer by the US-based International Institute of Executive Careers (IIEC). This is an assignment-based program. In this case, it is not about passing an exam, but instead building your Training Presentation – a practical PowerPoint or Google Slides training for your Industry. You can alternatively build an Implementation Workshop training.

You can make your assignment at your own pace, there is no deadline in your T3 program.

As an IIEC Accredited Trainer you will get your licence to provide training for taking the IIEC Certification of your expertise. Your training presentation will be ready because you will have built it in your T3  assignment, and moreover you will get the benefit to purchase certifications for your students at a 40% discount price. So you will be ready to make extra money as an expert & trainer.

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Why do we charge a fee?

  • First of all, the fee is far cheaper from the enormous value that you are going to get from this program
  • We are going to work with you, side by side, helping you to reach your goal and this will require from us a lot of time
  • When there is a fee involved we make sure you that really are going to commit to complete this transformational program
The T3 program will help you to stand out from the crowd. Your current sector where your work at should be your focus (because you already have experience in that). 
The point with the T3 program is that you will connect your background with something new and disruptive for your industry. For example, imagine that you have completed our Blockchain Professional course. Now you are ready to take the T3 program and build the following training: “How Can Blockchain Change Forever the [your industry] Sector”.
With the T3 program you will build the unique training that you are the most qualified to provide it.
After the T3 program you will have transformed yourself from being a passive learner to an active contributor (an expert & trainer). 
The benefits:
  • You will promote yourself as the expert in that topic for your industry
  • You will increase networking opportunities and visibility in your industry
  • You will have the opportunity to make extra money by providing your training
  • You will get licence to provide access to IIEC certification to your students (IIEC certification exams at a 40% discount and registration in the IIEC Cert Holder Registry)
  • You will move your career forward

We will make this journey together, we will be a guide by your side.

This customized program includes expert tuition, guidance, and coaching by Angel Berniz Team, you will get all these value-driven results (expert coaching and certification) for only $497. Invest in your future, REGISTER NOW!


Limited-time offer! Regular price is $997. TODAY only $497!

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To your success,

Angel Berniz
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